How this works...

It's really pretty simple. Just follow @tweeptube on Twitter and if you get randomly selected we will pay you in real dollars instantly. In order for us to pay you, all you need is a PayPal account. Using a service called Twitpay you can link your Twitter account to your Paypal account. It takes less than a minute and it allows @tweeptube to make a cash deposit directly into your Paypal account simply by tweeting a message such as "twitpay @you $50 for winning one of this week's drawings". Visit Twitpay or @twitpay to learn more. All we need to know is your Twitter username to send you money instantly!

I'm sure you're asking - why would we want to give away money? The reason is to create a higher level of engaged followers. We don't want bots and drones as followers. We want real people like you who are interested in the topics we tweet about and also interested in a little incentive to boot. By granting us your followership, you should understand that there will be occasional ads in our stream, identified by (Ad). In return, we are very grateful for your followership but we are going much farther than mere gratitude. We are going to give over 90% of pledged advertising money back to the tweeps and to charities, all through our Twitter stream. We will notify winners by sending a tweet and a DM (direct message). Once a winner has returned a DM to accept and confirm that they have created a Twitpay link to their Paypal account, @tweeptube will send out the tweet that sends money right to the winner. Very cool and very simple!

Just follow @tweeptube and RT (retweet) a standard message anytime after 12AM Sunday to be eligible for the week's giveaways. Keep in mind that the more followers we have, the more money we plan to give away! Our stream will include breaking or just plain interesting stories covering Television, Movies, Sports, Celebs, Society, Technology, Travel, etc. We promise not to be boring! This will be a fun and informative mix of tweets you won't find anywhere else.

For advertisers, the draw is even more simple. An engaged group of opt-in followers is a great audience, and a great audience deserves to be rewarded – just ask Oprah! @tweeptube allows advertisers to wade into the use of social media for direct marketing. The cost is low ($3 CPM), it’s an exciting new medium and there is no minimum – an advertiser can send as few as one tweet if they choose. Advertisers are also provided with real-time link statistics. Best of all, until @tweeptube reaches 1,000 followers all ads are free so there is absolutely no risk to try it out.

Have questions, suggestions or want to advertise?

Shoot us an email at or tweet @tweeptube
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